Monday, December 14, 2009

A New Way To Present A Gift

Wouldn't it be nice to receive a gift or in my case a few small gifts in a box that is a gift within itself? As part of The Girl Creative Creative Christmas Blog Fest Day Four "Creative Gift Wrapping", I thought I'd submit my little idea.

This is a MAGIC BOX. It's not done in Christmas Paper for this particular posting because I had actually posted it several months ago when I first created it. I just thought I'd save time and re-upload it. Hope you don't mind. Anyway, this is a paper crafted box designed to look like a wrapped gift and when opened, reveals 4 smaller boxes that you could put small gifts into. I did find one fault when I was making this. The template does not have a way of keeping one of the sides closed tight. The cover holds all four sides together so as not to open up, but if you make one, you might notice that one 'seam', might peek open just slightly.


I am a scrapper and paper artist and so most of my gifts are paper-related. This is perfect using Christmas themed paper and then hiding a small gift in each 'drawer'. Enjoy!

I found this tutorial at Life as Lou blog about 9:00 last night and thought: "Hey, I can do that!". It's not that difficult, either. I used the Blossoms and Butterflies stack (DCWV) and followed the directions on her blog. It probably took about 1 1/2 hours to make--not too bad. I'm sure as I make more, it won't take so long. She also has a great tutorial on Explosion Boxes. I have made those in the past and they make beautiful gifts. Her blog is wonderful! Hop on over and check it out. Here's the LINK If you make one, let me know-I'd love to see it!

Below is what the box looks like opened up. There are four 'drawers'(my word) to store goodies.

Looking down to see the inside of the boxes. I cut a 2 3/4" square (which is not mentioned in the directions) to dress it up a bit. Leah (Life as Lou) did the same in her examples.

Oh, the only thing I would've done different was to use a two-sided sheet for the outside of the box. This was a 'learning' experience. Also, the purpose of the ribbon is to help keep the box closed. When the box is closed, there is an open 'seam' that is somewhat noticeable if it's not tied closed with a ribbon.

This was such a FUN project! Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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