Monday, January 16, 2012

Thoughts of Spring...

It seems as though this blog gets neglected quite a bit and that's because I spend most of my time on A Scrapmom's Musings.  Today I thought I'd post on this blog because Etsy is having a blog party.  Yay!  I LOVE blog parties!

Etsy Cottage Style is having a Cottage Garden Party (  right in the middle of January.  Now, I can't even begin to think of planting a garden right now as I look out into my backyard that's covered with 8" of snow with a thin layer of ice.  But, I do know that Spring will be here before I know it.   Of course, those of us who are sharing in this blog hop are showcasing photos of our gardens or garden inspired projects from last year.  

Here are some pictures from last year.  We don't live in this house anymore as we finally bought our own home just 2 months ago.  Can't wait to create a new garden (or see what will bloom that the previous owners planted). 
We had beautiful Morning Glories growing up our lamppost. 

The landlord planted these Irises several years ago and each year they multiplied. These were growing on the side of the garage.
Petunias on the side porch
I think this is a Gerber Daisy plant.  My daughter bought this for me for Mother's Day.  What a beauty!
Hummingbird feeder hiding in the Morning Glories.

And, for a Spring themed project, I made this mini album:

Thanks for looking at my little garden.  It wasn't much, but we enjoyed it.   Looking forward to Spring!