Monday, May 4, 2009

Two of my Bunny Creations

Thought I'd share some of my own soft doll creations. I made these several years ago and love them! I love stitching up these bunnies and seeing the finished product. The "lanky" bunny has hand painted shoes with quilting thread for shoelaces. She wears an underskirt of mauve calico and a dress of blue calico and flowered fabric. She's also wearing a faux pearl necklace. Her face is hand drawn with quilting thread for whiskers. She is a one of a kind. The other bunny wears calico pantaloons, a blue calico dress and an apron to match. Her nose and mouth are embroidered. Her eyes are created by using the French Knot. These bunnies are for sale on my Etsy site.

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Elyse said...

hi lori!

welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. it is so fun and such a generous and creative place! i see you have found cynthia and she is THE BEST! thanks for picking up my little troll, too!!!

your bunnies are sweet. you will love bunny rose cottage and kat collects (links on my blog list) as they are both bunny lovers!